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NOTE: This submission is now closed. Please visit Anthology House Volume 2 to purchase the completed work.




Call for Submissions: What is wellness? We will answer this in Anthology House Volume 2.


ASEI Arts is pleased to announce the inception of a new charity anthology with all profits from the sale of the book, to be donated to UNICEF. Please read our blog post here with the full information of what we're seeking and how to submit.

Wild Path


NOTE: This category will be reopened in the next few months. Stay tuned!



We are currently accepting submissions for full-length visionary eco-fiction manuscripts, to 125,000 words. Manuscripts should be ready for publication and will receive a further edit/proofread in our office.

Please e-mail a one page summary and a half-page biographical statement with relevant writing and speaking experience. Manuscript summaries that capture our hearts and minds will be followed with a request from us for a full manuscript submission.

Manuscript summaries and bios may be e-mailed (e-mail only please!) to Please copy and paste into the body of the email as attachments may not make it through our filters. Write "Manuscript Summary Submission" with your name and book title in the subject heading of the e-mail.

We will do our best to reply in a timely fashion as we know how it is to be on the waiting end of things... know that we cherish your submission of ideas and encourage you to keep writing whether it is we who publish your novel or another who accepts it. 

Keep writing!


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