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What is the space featured on the homepage? Is it a real space? Can we visit it? The ASEI Studio Arts building feature on our homepage is a collective merging of real spaces in the 11101 zip code of Hunters Point, New York. This neighborhood in the Borough of Queens is a rising arts district with many industrial spaces available for conversion. Our vision is a merging of multiple existing spaces into a virtual gallery; you will see that the spaces do not project a typically realizable form, and that they have multi-story glass wings though which light can transmit and art can be mounted, both indoors and outdoors. It is a virtual space and an imagined space in which we will be hosting exhibitions, including offering rental space to artists who wish to showcase their work in this form. 

How can you find out more? How can you get involved? We’re happy to expand our network. Please email us at if you have a proposal you would like to offer.

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