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Maia Kumari Bree Chowdhury

Maia Kumari Bree Chowdhury (Canada-United States) is the author of the short story "Bioreme" in Anthology House, a visionary ecology project and "Time Traveling with Family" in Anthology House Volume 2. She is the author of acclaimed visionary ecofiction novels The Erenwine Agenda: A Hydraulic Fracturing Love Story and Otter Coast: A Medical Marijuana Mystery. Maia is the founder of ASEI Arts.

She is an architect, artist and Reiki master whose award-winning work has been featured by USA Today and the Sundance Channel. She is currently revising her third novel, Rail: A High Speed Adventure.

Maia previously published under the name Maia Kumari Gilman, and some of her works will be found with that name.

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