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Otter Coast

Otter Coast:
A Medical Marijuana Mystery

by Maia Kumari Bree Chowdhury

As architectural intern Amalia Sengupta Erenwine grapples with her nascent career in New York City and the consequences of her new relationship, her friend the Reverend Mildred McCaine plans a panel about medical marijuana at her Binghamton church. When these two women take off on a road trip back to Mildred's hometown, they each in their own way intend to prove themselves pure of intent and unencumbered by their pasts. Amalia hopes to demonstrate she's true to her word and figure out her love life, and Mildred is drawn to confront fuzzy details about her family's past. But when the women uncover mysterious goings-on at Mildred's childhood home, an intriguing ancient artifact, and long-forgotten memories of otters at play, their fine intentions come unraveled. How will Amalia reconcile her deeper knowing with her life's goals? And how will Mildred remember and come to terms with her family's history, and her own present and new unfolding?


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