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What is Wellness? A dialogue with author DL Lang

ASEI: What does wellness mean to you? Think of it in a sensory way... smells, sounds, tastes, textures, feelings...

Lang: Wellness is a sense of spiritual and physical peace where pain and turmoil are minimized, and you find yourself smiling easily, going with the flow. Wellness is when there is harmony between your needs and those around you. For years I’ve struggled with a few chronic conditions, so I’ve accepted that complete wellness is out of reach most days, but it is still possible to experience moments of gratitude, joy, beauty, and contentment. Sometimes wellness can be as simple as a good song, a cup of hot tea, and watching the birds out the window.

ASEI: How do you want to move toward more optimal wellness, for you and for others? Think in terms of yourself, your close ones, your community, your country...

Lang: Wellness is a world based on compassion instead of competition. Our society needs to care for one another more by moving towards a system that provides free healthcare, shelter, and food because it is difficult to have a sense of mental and spiritual wellness when you’re struggling to survive. I sign many petitions that advocate for better world for my neighbors both local and global.

ASEI: What can you do today, to amplify your own wellness, and that of others? Make a few notes and let them ripple through your day...

Lang: To improve my physical health as an adult I’ve developed some healthy habits of taking walks in nature and eating a balanced plant-based diet. For my mental health I make time to enjoy live music and poetry, and I go to synagogue to uplift my spirit. I also accept the fact that sometimes I just need to rest and there is nothing wrong with that. No one is superwoman, and you cannot pour from an empty cup. Everyone is different, and sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn what works for you.

ASEI: Thank you! You can read DL Lang's work in Anthology House Volume 2, with all proceeds donated to UNICEF.


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