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What inspires you? A dialogue with author C.E. Wagner

ASEI Arts is pleased to feature a series of inspiring Q&A interviews with the authors and producers featured in our Anthology House book. All profits from the sale of the book will benefit Habitat for Humanity’s "Habitat Hammers Back" initiative. This week, we feature C.E. Wagner who contributed the novel excerpt entitled Repurpose to Anthology House.

ASEI: What inspires you each day?

I find the written word inspiring, especially figurative language. An author can activate my joy button with a clever and inspiring turn of phrase. In general, I find a moving story – whether in print or in video – to be inspiring. Art, too. Nature inspires me. Being surrounding by green fills me up when I’m hiking. Gardening thrills me as well.

ASEI: How has your creativity helped you to navigate a change in your circumstances for the better? This can be a feeling or an intangible effect, or it can be a physical change.

I’ve always turned to writing to process all of my circumstances. I’m an avid journal writer. I use creativity in many of the things I do, however, not just writing. I use it in the kitchen while cooking, at work with the documents I produce, and anytime I have the choice to arrange something. In a way, I am always looking for unique ways to do things that will cause connections with others. When I feel stifled or unmotivated, that’s when I am not using my creativity to navigate my life.

ASEI: What advice would you give to another person seeking to improve their circumstances through finding satisfaction in their creative journey?

It is so easy to find dissatisfaction, so be a rebel and seek satisfaction. Be grateful for the little steps, because that’s where the joy truly is. Actively work on gratitude. Be patient. Make yourself and your creative time a priority. Realize that only you and you alone are going to satisfy that creative itch. Set aside time and do it.

ASEI: Thank you C.E.! To read C.E. Wagner's novel excerpt Repurpose you can purchase Anthology House by requesting it from your local bookseller or by purchasing here:

All profits from this anthology will be donated to Habitat for Humanity's Habitat Hammers Back initiative to rebuild hurricane-hit areas in the Southern United States and Caribbean.

You can follow C.E. Wagner on Twitter at

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