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What inspires you? A dialogue with author Ann Malaspina

ASEI Arts is pleased to feature a series of inspiring Q&A interviews with the authors and producers featured in our Anthology House book. All profits from the sale of the book will benefit Habitat for Humanity’s "Habitat Hammers Back" initiative.

This week, we feature Ann Malaspina who contributed the poem entitled "To Safety" to Anthology House.

ASEI: What inspires you each day?

I feel most satisfied when I've worked through a project and done the best I can possibly do. Often inspiration strikes during the process, but I can never count on it, and have to go forward anyway.

ASEI: How has your creativity helped you to navigate a change in your circumstances for the better? This can be a feeling or an intangible effect, or it can be a physical change.

Writing has been the one constant in my life. No matter the turmoil around me, I'm never helpless or a victim; instead I can respond and take action through my writing.

ASEI: What advice would you give to another person seeking to improve their circumstances through finding satisfaction in their creative journey?

Go for it! Also, I encourage everyone to read and write a poem a day, even if they've never done either one before. With just a few words, poetry opens us up to the world and ourselves, and makes us see and feel in new ways.

ASEI: Thank you Ann! To read Ann's poem "To Safety" you can purchase Anthology House by requesting it from your local bookseller or by purchasing here:

All profits from this anthology will be donated to Habitat for Humanity's Habitat Hammers Back initiative to rebuild hurricane-hit areas in the Southern United States and Caribbean.

You can follow Ann through her author website at or on Twitter at @AnnMalaspina.

To read more interviews in our "Inspiration" series, please click through the ASEI Arts blog.

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