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What inspires you? A dialogue with author Devanshi Jackson

ASEI Arts is pleased to feature a series of inspiring Q&A interviews with the authors and producers featured in our Anthology House book. All profits from the sale of the book will benefit Habitat for Humanity’s "Habitat Hammers Back" initiative.

This week, we feature Devanshi Jackson who contributed the short story entitled "Reasoner" to Anthology House.

ASEI: What inspires you each day?

Well, I am fortunate to have many creative, open-minded and hard working people in my life. I embrace new experiences and seek out beauty in whether it be a simple but a well-engineered product or a child's thought experiment or a soothing conversation! I am grateful for the wonderful people I interact with and their generosities. I have friends and family members who understand my need for space, which boosts creativity. My hobbies including gardening and cycle touring allow me to practice mindfulness so I remain focused and through this focus and dedication, I express!

ASEI: How has your creativity helped you to navigate a change in your circumstances for the better? This can be a feeling or an intangible effect, or it can be a physical change.

Creativity for me comes with focus and aspirations. It is that very essence of being one-with something, has allowed me to immerse in activities with my children and make precious memories. As they are more able now, I found some extra time so, I have embarked on a new adventure: I am a student again! I am thoroughly enjoying being with the younger students, and learning about the new world they are envisioning.

ASEI: What advice would you give to another person seeking to improve their circumstances through finding satisfaction in their creative journey?

A journey from anywhere to anywhere can be the most beautiful when done without worrying about the outcomes. Perhaps it is this practice that can bring creativity which inevitably leads to happiness. There are many challenges in life and some may even be unsolvable, however it is the creative expressions in our lives that alleviate the burden of these challenges. Be open-minded to new experiences and admire the beauty in all.

ASEI: Thank you Devanshi! To read Devanshi's short story "Reasoner" you can purchase Anthology House by requesting it from your local bookseller or by purchasing here:

All profits from this anthology will be donated to Habitat for Humanity's Habitat Hammers Back initiative to rebuild hurricane-hit areas in the Southern United States and Caribbean.

To read more interviews in our "Inspiration" series, please click through the ASEI Arts blog.

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