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Maia Kumari Gilman:

09/15/2017 - 12/05/2017

What is eternal in art and in life? Our physical aspects are impermanent, and yet something remains.


In this solo exhibition, Eterna, architect Maia Kumari Gilman looks at how underlaying sacred geometry—literally embedded into the gesso layers of every painting—incorporating sound and Reiki into the painting process, and taking an intuitive, playful approach to color—can tap into the underlying building blocks of art and life.


The final result, in most cases, does not show the geometry, nor the music nor the Reiki—and yet they remain in the layers, for the viewer to discover and to experience.

Click to view Eterna

Artist Collaborative:
Coming 2018

dates tbc

Artists will collaborate on an exhibition in 2018, with details to come.

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