Lori Dalvi

Lori Dalvi provided book design input to The Erenwine Agenda and Anthology House.

Lori Dalvi combines several modalities to help people awaken their authentic selves.  She is a graduate of the Four Winds Society’s Healing the Light Body School and continues with their advanced trainings. She also holds certifications in Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) and New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation. Lori is currently enrolled in a one-year MedicineWay Apprenticeship to add Mayan and Toltec healing techniques to her toolbox, as well as MedicineWay Crystal Healing.


Her experiences and interests attract a range of intentions: helping people (adults and children) alleviate anxiety; working with people through major life transitions; clearing individuals, their homes and their businesses to meet their fullest potential; clearing patients in preparation for surgery and post-surgery recovery; supporting families and their children with medical issues and traumas; clearing blocks for artists to realize their higher purpose; removing heavy energies from communities and organizations.


Lori is a wife and mother, tri-athlete,  published book designer, seeker and finder.