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D.L. Lang

D.L. Lang (United States) is the author of the poem "A Complete Healing" in Anthology House Volume 2.


She is the author of 13 poetry books, most recently This Festival of Dreams. She served
as the poet laureate of Vallejo, California, from 2017 to 2019. Highlights of her tenure as poet
laureate include giving the invocation at the 2018 Vallejo Women’s Summit and editing the
anthology Voices, Verses & Visions of Vallejo. Lang has performed her poetry hundreds of times across California at county fairs, literary events, and political demonstrations. Her poetry is frequently broadcast on the Art Beat Poetry Hour on KZCT. In 2015 she released a spoken word album entitled Happy Accidents. She has hosted poetry shows and served as a judge for writing
and performance competitions in Solano County. Lang is also the proud owner of dozens of
county fair ribbons in creative writing and recently won 3rd place in City Limits Publishing’s Poems of Political Protest contest. Her poems have been transformed into songs, Jewish liturgy, and used to advocate for peace, justice, and a better world.


Lang is an internationally published poet whose work has been anthologized dozens of times including in Musings During a Time of Pandemic (Kistrech Theatre International, 2020), Poetry: The Best of 2020 (Inner Child Press, 2020), From the Soil: A Hometown Anthology (Exeter Publishing, 2020), and The Alien Buddha Wears a Black Bandanna (Alien Buddha Press, 2020). Her poems have also been published on, Frost Meadow Review, and the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles. Lang holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies with a minor in Judaic Studies from the University of Oklahoma, and previously worked on award-winning documentaries and music videos, including The Hebrew Project (2005) and Liquid Wind (2004).


She lives in Vallejo, California, with her husband, Timothy, where they enjoy bird watching, hiking, and ‘60s music. 

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