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Colin Waterman

Colin Waterman (United Kingdom) is the author of the novel excerpt of The Hesperian Dilemma in Anthology House, a visionary ecology project.


Colin Waterman came to creative writing relatively late in life, after a successful career as an engineer. He was curious whether the design and problem-solving skills he had honed in engineering would apply to creative writing (for example: working with the patterns and formulae of poetry), and he found that to some extent they did. But he concluded the key to success was to find a rule and break it. Waterman has had poems accepted for publication in The Stare’s Nest and Obsessed with Pipework. An account of his travels in Tibet appeared in Real Travel magazine. His science fiction novel The Hesperian Dilemma tackles the urgent theme of where technology is taking us, and if it adds to the growing pressure for mankind to find a sustainable way forward, then Waterman will consider his job done.

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