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Anne Ipsen

Anne Ipsen (United States) is the author of the excerpt of Green Valley: a climate change novel in Anthology House, a visionary ecology project.


Writer, speaker, and environmentalist Anne Ipsen has written two memoirs and five novels. Her novels At the Concord of the Rivers and Abigail’s Legacy reflect her interest in history and love of the town of Concord. Ipsen has recently turned to the environment and the looming issue of climate

change. Green Valley takes place in the near future in a rural community that models a sustainable way of life as New England leads the Carbon Revolution. Together with the historical “Concord” books, this cli-fi novel forms a multigenerational trilogy that spans 350 years of Massachusetts history. In 2018 Ipsen published an environmental workbook intended primarily for faith communities.


Before leaving academia to write full time, Dr. Ipsen was Professor of Public Health at the University of Minnesota. She and her husband now live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They have three children and five grandchildren.

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