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Andrea Ferrari Kristeller

Andrea Ferrari Kristeller (Argentina) is the author of the poems "The Hammock," "Learning Wind," "Forest Water Color," and "Rainforest Name" in Anthology House Volume 2.


She is an Argentinean English Literature teacher, naturalist, and poet.

She studied Literature at the University of Buenos Aires, translation with Leandro Wolfson; she did an internship at the Buenos Aires Zoo and studied to become a naturalist at EAN (Argentine School for Naturalists). She worked in wildlife rehabilitation for many years at Ribera Norte Natural Reserve, and for Fundación Bioandina in condor rehabilitation at Temaikén. She currently collaborates with several conservation programs in Misiones and other provinces by translating scientific papers or fund-soliciting work into English.

In 2012 she visited Misiones with her family for the first time, and she fell in love with its rainforest and the Mbyá Guaraní culture. Since then, she has travelled there twice a year, and nurtured a friendship with members of a Mbyá village. She collaborated with the First Mbyá-Guaraní/Spanish-Spanish/Mbyá Guaraní Dictionary (Rodas/Benitez, UNAM, 2018) in its Penta translator section, for the English language. She is currently translating into English the sacred text of the Mbyá, the Ayvu Rapyta, in its version by Leon Cadogan, in the hope of helping this culture by raising awareness of its rich spiritual traditions.

She writes poetry on nature in English, and her poems have been published by several magazines in the US and the UK (The Weekly Avocet, The Avocet, The Dawntreader, and Erbacce). Recently, she received Special Mention at the International Writing Contest on Iguazú Waterfalls 2020. She has also written a novella in both English and Spanish to be published in 2021, which received an Honorable Mention at the Writers of the Future Sci-Fi and Fantasy literary contest in 2018.

She is currently learning the Mbyá Guaraní language with Mbyá teachers.

She lives in Buenos Aires with her family (husband-daughter-son-dog-2 cats) and is trying to turn her garden into a jungle.

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